Monday, June 15, 2009


Newoolophobia (new-ool-o-pho'bi-a) [G. newwool - new type of wool + phobia - fear]
  1. The illogical fear of a new, never before used type of wool, yarn or fibre.
  2. Characteristics include fixation, gentle caressing and obsessive contemplation over the fibre's possible uses. It is typically stored in a prominent area, carefully protected in plastic, yet clearly visible, mocking you with its presence.

  3. Newoolophobia can only be overcome by taking a few deep cleansing breaths and jumping in with both feet, needles or hook in hand.
  4. Overcoming newoolophobia is undeniably rewarding, resulting in new, wonderful creations and a corresponding boost to self esteem.

I was recently afflicted with a serious case of newoolophobia. I had a request from a client, Gloria for some custom work, a beautiful wrap and hat set that appeared soft and light as a fluffy cloud. I unsuccessfully tried to source out some yarn around home.

I'm hesitant to buy yarn over the Internet...because, unless I've worked with it before I don't know how its going to feel. It could look stunning in a picture, but it could feel crunchy, scratchy or synthetic in my hands. Well...I took the plunge and found this gorgeous hand-spun merino wool from The Fiber Denn on Etsy. I was thrilled when it arrived, it's's varies drastically in great texture...and its a beautiful natural ivory tone... LOVE IT!!!

Then came the newoolophobia...oh, boy... what if I mess this up??? The creation of this yarn was someone else's time, effort and art... it was costly... what if it doesn't turn out how Gloria was expecting... oh the stresses I can impose on myself...

Well, after a few weeks of mulling it over... with the yarn... in it's prominent position... mocking me..... I took the deep breath... and I'm so glad I did... I love how it came out... check it out! :)


Jennifer Lee Photography said...

I want a hat with a ribbon!! It's beautiful !!!

Gloria Nobles said...

Hahaha, it is very beautiful Jennifer (previous poster)!! And if you think it's beautiful, just wait until you feel it...oh the softness! I LOVE LeeAnn so much! She worked with me so patiently, and I couldn't be any happier with the finished product! She is amazing at what she does! I am so glad she got over her case of "new-ool-o-pho'bia"! Thanks so much LeeAnn, your the bestest of the best!!!!! Don't delay guys, go ahead and get your hat and wrap set...definitely worth every penny (and then some)!